Marshals Championship

Date              Points                   Event                        Club                           Round


2019                 4                       MSA Training Day     MSA                                1

2019                 4                      KDMC Training Day  KDMC                              2

27 January       4                      Autosolo/PCA            KDMC                              3

16 February      2                    Cambrian Rally          North Wales CC               4

2 March            4                     Tour of Cheshire        KDMC                              5

23 March          2                     North West Stages    MSNW                              6

13 April            2                      Rallynuts                   Midland Manor MC           7

29 April            2                      Grass 181                 KDMC                               8

11 May            4                      Plains Rally               KDMC                               9

20 May            2                      Grass 182                 KDMC                              10

3 June             2                      Grass 183                 KDMC                              11

7 July              4                      Tim Sargeant Mem   KDMC                               12

28 July            2                      116 Targa Tracks      116 MC                             13

5 August         2                       Grass 185                 KDMC                              14

31 August       2                       Vale of Clwyd Rally Vale of Clwyd MC              15

14 Sept          4                        Targa Rally               KDMC                              16

3-6 October   4                       Wales Rally               GB FIA                              17

27 October    4                        Autosolo/PCA           KDMC                               18


See Championship Rules for allowable modifications to points allocations

Plus Six Nominated Rounds as per Championship Rules

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Here at KDMC we are proud to have a strong Marshalling team that are out on many events from Grass Auto Tests to Wales Rally GB.


Marshals are always required for every event, this may be as a time keeper on a grass auto test to an in-stage marshal on a forest rally.


Not only do we marshal on our own events such as:


  • The Tour of Cheshire
  • The Plains Rally
  • Tim Sergeant Auto Test
  • Knutsford Targa Rally  to name but a few


We can also be found  supporting other clubs on their events  such as:


  • Cambrian Rally
  • Rally Nuts Stages
  • The Woodpecker Rally
  • Wales Rally GB



For more information please contact our Chief Marshal Mike Timmins at




We have once again been asked to run on the stage for the Cambrian Rally which takes place on the 16th Feb 2019, we are running the llyn Crafnant stage which will be run twice and is a new round of the British Rally Championship (BRC)


Phil Mostyn is the Stage Commander and will require lots of marshals and radio crews.


North Wales Car club run a stage on our Plains Rally, so it would be nice if we can return the favour by staffing the stage with as many KDMC members as possible


If you would like to help, please contact Phil on


STAGE Stage 4 & 8

LOCATION Gwydyr forest complex west of Llanrwst.

ACCESS REF 115/ 756½ 618

SIGN ON/ START REF 115/ 758½ 619

SIGN ON TIME: 11.30hrs

DISTANCE: 4.89mls




SS4 13.30hrs - arrival .... 13.33hrs – start

SS8 18.13hrs - arrival .... 18.16hrs – start.



Knutsford Autosolo at Booths Hall 27th Jan 2019



Chief Marshal is Mike Timmins if you can help get in touch via email


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