I am often asked about how to nominate events to the KDMC Championships, so here is a quick summary.


Many of the KDMC Championships allow competitors to nominate extra events that they are competing on to count towards their points score. The number of nominations allowed is specified in the individual championship regs.


To nominate an event, you need to tell either myself ( or the Competition Secretary, Mike Vokes, before the event starts. Nominations after the event has started are not allowed.


As well as the individual championships, your nomination will also count towards the Allrounders championship unless you tell us you don’t want this to happen.


If you are competing as part of a crew (e.g. a rally), the nomination will only count for yourself unless you specifically say that it is for both you and your ‘other half’.


The only exception to the ‘tell us before the start’ rule is for events in the marshals championship, where you can put in you nomination after the event has taken place.




Hopefully this will clarify the situation, but if you have any queries, please ask.




Richard Duddell


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