Production Car Trials

Production Car Autotest Championship Dates

Date                   Event                               Club           Round


27 January         Knutsford Autosolo PCA  KDMC              1

29 April              Grass 191 PCA                KDMC               2

20 May              Grass 192 PCA                KDMC               3

1 July                Grass 194 PCA                HRCR (NW)      4

27 October (tbc)Knutsford Autosolo PCA  KDMC               5


Best 4 from 5 scores to count

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Car Trials, or Production Car Trials (PCTs) are a low-speed, high-skill motorsport. They take place on grass hills. The course has a number of ‘gates’ the competitor has to pass through. The ‘gates’ on the lower sections of the hill have higher penalty points than those higher up the hillside.


The overall winner is the competitor with the least number of penalty points. Each car must carry a passenger who can act as a bouncer to try to assist the driver get better traction when traversing the course. There are different classes covering; 2WD Production cars, Front-Wheel drive, Rear-Wheel drive, both unmodified and modified.




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